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To Our Clients & Industry Partners


Howard Building Corporation (HBC) has been able to maintain regular business hours and keep a vast majority of jobsites open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our standard business practices, however, have been anything but regular. Our office staff has adapted to a work-from-home model, and our field staff has been adapting to new jobsite guidelines. As we move into the next phase of California’s reopening, we will transition again, this time towards some semblance of “normal.” While we don’t know what this new phase looks like, we know HBC is prepared to take the challenge in stride.

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Leadership in the Midst of a Crisis


Nobody could have predicted the sequence of events that occurred as a result of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak. Aside from major, irrevocable consequences caused by a virus that nobody had heard of just a few months prior, businesses across the world have been forced to adapt quickly. As a result, businesses and communities are rising to the occasion and demonstrating resiliency, courage, and fortitude in a situation where a straightforward solution is muddled underneath layers of “what-if” scenarios. There are truly inspiring stories of leaders who are facing the unknown head-on while providing stability to others in the midst of a global crisis. Here is how HBC’s employee-owners are navigating the coronavirus outbreak.

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Leadership in the Midst of a Crisis