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Howard Building Corporation offers a wide range of construction services to meet the needs of any commercial interior building project. Our approach is what sets us apart from the competition. Our construction specialists utilize their experience and knowledge to ensure a smooth and understandable project experience for our clients. Through effective communication and collaboration, our clients experience confidence in the building process, and trust that their vision will become a reality. For HBC, the relationship with our clients is what matters most.


We believe that the success of a project is established early in a project's development. Before the designer's vision, before the engineer's solutions, before a lease is signed or a building built, there is the client's need for a new or renovated space. The journey from this need to a built environment can be complex, but we strive to make the process smooth and simple for our clients. We prefer to engage a project at its earliest stages and offer a wide variety of services that promote communication, the sharing of information and collaboration between all team members.

Site Evaluation

Drawing from over thirty years of experience in the Southern California real estate market, we have developed strong relationships and work with every major commercial real estate brokerage firm to provide accurate and thorough site evaluations that assist clients in their real estate selection process. We also assist in determining construction scope and feasibility, providing them with the information they need to make informed decisions.


Early planning and collaboration between brokers, designers, general contractors and clients can help avoid delays and added expense. We advise the team of material availability, construction feasibility, cost impacts and schedule implications early in planning, and we work closely with the project team to facilitate and execute with efficiency and cost consideration from the beginning of the project.


We deliver preliminary pricing that is the most thorough in the industry. Every component needed to build a project is priced through our extensive network of pre-qualified subcontractors, offering clients a construction budget that reflects current market costs, not just estimates. This avoids surprises later and ultimately results in project savings.


We are highly respected in the architectural community. Our relationships have been built on trust and respect, and we work with all of our design partners with a collaborative approach. Our shared purpose is to serve our client and build the highest quality space possible. We provide construction solutions during the design process to ensure that the design vision can become reality.


This is not just a cost cutting exercise for us. Our sensitivity to the goals of our clients and the talent of our design partners allows us to assist in the process of budget management while maintaining design intent. We believe the experience of building is personal, and we continually provide service that proves it. We think out of the box to find solutions, we stay ahead of trends to innovate, and we are always searching for a better approach. Responding to the budget needs keep us focused on solutions that allow us to deliver the best project for our clients. By providing alternative construction approaches and collaboratively working with architects and designers, we achieve value added results within a more refined budget.


Our primary commitment during construction is delivering an excellent project. From our talented superintendents to our dedicated, hands-on leadership, we provide exceptional client service that ensures a smoothly run project. Our clients rely on us to coordinate the construction process, and we strive for the highest level of safety, documentation, communication, and responsiveness. Our strong partnership with leading vendors and subcontractors in the industry instills a sense of confidence in our clients that their project will be executed with the highest quality workmanship. The professionalism and expertise of our project managers ensures an efficient and timely delivery of the final product. Our efforts insure an exceptional environment for the client's organization.


Building a space is a complex process. Simply considering the number of people and trades a build requires can be overwhelming for clients. We take that complexity out of the equation. Our superintendents maintain a full-time presence on every project, coordinating the trades and vendors, including client-hired vendors, throughout the entire project. This ensures adherence to the schedule and a proactive, real-time response to any issues that may arise.


Our highest priority during construction is safety on the job site. We have developed and require our staff and all subcontractors to comply with the highest safety standards in the industry. This extends even further to keeping the job site exceptionally clean and organized, an expectation established and maintained by all of our superintendents ensuring that projects will run more safely and efficiently with the least amount of disturbance to any staff or other tenants near the construction site.


Behind the scenes, we have a dedicated staff that manages the flow of documentation throughout a project. Every Project Manager is supported by a Project Engineer and Project Administrator who work closely to process submittals, requests for information, shop drawings, samples, meeting minutes, daily logs, and pay requests to organize the project process. Our Project Teams are some of the most talented in the industry at ensuring a project's seamless execution.


At the core of our success is communication. Every member of a project team brings something important to the project, whether it be the client's needs, the design vision, the management approach, or the construction application. Our proactive and collaborative communication between all team members creates project success. Any issue can be resolved, especially when all voices are heard, and the common goal is sustained.


For over thirty years, we have built extraordinary spaces for hundreds of highly recognizable companies, many on the cutting edge of their own industries. How have we done it? We always respond. Our team members, from our leadership to our superintendents, stay consistently accessible to our clients. Together we find solutions that, through time, build a sense of trust. We value that trust above all else and work diligently to maintain it with all of our clients.


The end of a project signifies the completion of much more than just the construction of a space. We go beyond the typical close-out protocols to ensure that a client is not only completely satisfied with their new environment, but also has a full understanding of how to get the most from their space in the future. Prior to delivery we ensure that all systems are functioning properly and that the client feels confident in their new environment.

For us, the end of a project is also an opportunity to appreciate the experience of working together as a team, to celebrate the challenges overcome, and to look forward to ensure future opportunities that further our relationship. Many of our clients become clients for decades, and we believe that taking the time to make sure they are completely satisfied with the results of our building process is one reason why.


Every year, HBC invests in professional development and educational opportunities related to sustainability and green building practices. In doing so, we are able to provide clients with the very best resources and services for their green building projects, while optimizing our own internal processes to reduce our corporate carbon footprint. Using the latest technology and green building techniques, we are constantly working towards a more sustainable future.

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We are proud to support the following sustainability-focused organizations and events.

HBC is an official certified Green Business by the City of Los Angeles, and our corporate headquarters achieved a WELL HealthSafety Rating in 2021.


Howard Building Corporation believes that everyone benefits from a safe work environment, and we are committed to maintaining an injury-free and illness-free workplace. Because a stringent safety program is one of the aspects of construction that is paramount to success, we have implemented the HBC Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), which establishes the highest level of protocols in our industry. The upholding of these standards is required of all employees to ensure a safe working environment.

We believe that it is everyone's responsibility, as we work together, to diligently identify and eliminate conditions and practices that would result in an unsafe work environment. Field staff are all thoroughly trained and held accountable for promoting and working according to the policies established in the IIPP, as well as all federal, state and local work safety regulations.

Our safety ratings are consistently among the highest in our industry. In 2023, we were awarded the Gold Safety Award by Highwire. We constantly strive to implement better approaches to safety to ensure a healthy future, both for our company and our team.

Construction Site


As technology evolves, so does HBC. We are dedicated to incorporating the right digital tools to enhance safety, security, sustainability, and productivity on our jobsites. Efficient collaboration and dissemination of information has never been easier, and our teams can seamlessly connect with clients and project teams—anytime and anywhere.

We can remotely manage projects at every stage of the construction lifecycle, including cloud-based document control, digital takeoff and estimating, enhanced virtual meeting tools, task schedule collaboration, and 3D jobsite mapping updates.

Using some of the most innovative software on the market, we have streamlined the following project processes:

  • Project progress & visualization

  • Document control & distribution

  • Virtual meetings & communication

  • Space plan management & collaboration

  • Scheduling

  • Bidding & estimating

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