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To Our Clients & Industry Partners


Howard Building Corporation (HBC) has been able to maintain regular business hours and keep a vast majority of jobsites open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our standard business practices, however, have been anything but regular. Our office staff has adapted to a work-from-home model, and our field staff has been adapting to new jobsite guidelines. As we move into the next phase of California’s reopening, we will transition again, this time towards some semblance of “normal.” While we don’t know what this new phase looks like, we know HBC is prepared to take the challenge in stride.

Our return-to-work plan prioritizes the health and welfare of our employees, clients, and industry partners. Every action we make will be data-driven using the most current guidelines from the WHO, CDC, and local authorities. Communication with our clients, vendors, and subcontractors will become even more important as we continue to share insight and best practices throughout our industry.

We approach the future fully aware of the toll COVID-19 has taken on our industry, companies, and families. By no means do we anticipate a return to how things were. Instead, we foresee an evolution in how jobsites are managed, how workspaces are configured, and how industry relationships are maintained. With this challenge comes considerable opportunity to evolve towards making lasting and meaningful changes to benefit us all.

Your friends in good health,

Howard Building Corporation