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Celebrating Sarah Webb's Retirement


After an impressive career spanning 40 years as an industry veteran, Sarah Webb is retiring. In 2013, Sarah joined Howard Building Corporation (HBC) as a Project Manager, and she has been loved and admired by clients and colleagues alike. During her time with HBC, Mrs. Webb completed over 1.5 million square feet for high-profile clients such as Appfolio, Pacific Life, loanDepot, and Belkin. In 2021 alone, she was recognized by, CREW-OC, and the Orange County Business Journal for her contributions to the industry.

Sarah is a role model who has generously shared her expertise and provided leadership through example with dedication and hard work. She attributes her success in the industry to strong communication skills, attention to detail, and her ability to lead with empathy, which has helped her succeed on some of the toughest projects. Additionally, it has enabled her to remain committed to providing a seamless experience for her clients.

Most recently, Sarah successfully worked through the logistical complexities of completing a full renovation of a 7-story landmark building during the height of COVID. This 440,000 square foot fast-paced and challenging project also included the replacement of the exterior glazing systems requiring major structural upgrades.

Over the years, Sarah has seen several shifts in the industry, including how technology has made communication more seamless and how she is gradually starting to see more women in construction. Sarah started in the construction industry as a secretary and through hard work, dedication and perseverance moved her way up through the ranks. She believes that women are innately predisposed to providing the construction industry the communication skills and attention to detail it needs. Getting women interested in construction at an earlier age and providing them with encouragement and the tools to succeed will help create more opportunities overall. This shift towards a more inclusive and equitable industry is the result of veterans like Sarah Webb who have fearlessly paved the way for the younger generations.

In retirement, Sarah plans to complete projects around the house and travel the U.S. with her husband, taking the time to stop at every little historical landmark along the way.

Click the video link to learn more about Sarah’s career and to hear some parting words as she transitions into this next phase of life. 

Celebrating Sarah Webb's Retirement