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Celebrating Women in Construction


As we quickly approach the end of March, we’d like to commemorate all the women in construction and, in particular, shine a spotlight on a few women at HBC. Last year, we interviewed one of our Project Managers, Sarah Webb, to glean insight about how to have a successful career in construction. If you missed it, you can find the article here

This year, we’ve asked a few HBC employees to elaborate on what they like about construction and how the industry empowers them to keep growing and learning. Here’s what they had to say. 

“The industry and associated trades bring their expertise, unique skills, and insight together in one symphony-like motion. It provides the opportunity to incorporate a various range of services and interests, all while developing creative, practical, strategic, and engineering skills.” 

– Kristen Holwick, Project Engineer

“What I love most about working in the construction industry is the people that I work with; our office and field staff, our clients and consultants, and our subcontractors. There is a great group of people in this industry that I feel lucky to know. I also love how fast paced our projects are and being part of a team that wins by doing what is necessary to fulfill the vision of our clients.” 

– Maggie Minnella, Administration Manager

“I love seeing ideas and plans come to life from 2D to 3D. Being a part of the process and noticing all the intricate details helps me appreciate construction on a higher level. Understanding the process also makes me think about how things are being built while acknowledging the intent of the designer. I feel that those who come into the industry and experience it will not see construction the same after. The construction industry makes me feel like I am part of a greater purpose, where I can impact the daily lives of others.” 

– Diana Mejicanos, Assistant Project Manager

Celebrating Women in Construction