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In Loving Memory of Tello Hernandez


HBC is profoundly saddened at the passing of Eleuterio “Tello” Hernandez. After 15 years with HBC, it is hard to imagine the company without him. He passed away on December 10. We’d like to take a moment to celebrate Tello’s spirit and honor his legacy.

Tello had an infectious smile that brightened the day of anyone he came across. One of his close coworkers and friends, Ricardo Sandoval, remarked that he didn’t know if Tello ever had a bad day because he was always smiling. Tello was a man of great dignity and strength, and his smile was a constant throughout life’s ups and downs. He was a continual source of inspiration, and, through his kind and caring demeanor, he inspired those around him to want to be the best versions of themselves. Tello always brought positivity to any situation and uplifted those around him just by being present.

When Tello was involved in a project, you could always be sure that his work would be completed on time. He had a work ethic that was simply incomparable. His focus inspired those around him, and he played a crucial role in the success of several projects throughout his career. Tello never needed to be asked to do anything; he had an incredible sense of initiative and thoughtfulness about him. As a man who would never keep you waiting, he was always punctual with a great attitude.  

The attributes that made him an irreplaceable worker also made him a wonderful husband and father. It was clear that he was proud to provide for his family, and he was also very proud of the legacy that he created. HBC’s thoughts are with his family and friends during this sad time.

To close, we will share a selection of tributes from those who worked with Tello:

“I was given the privilege of working with Tello. He was [an] old school hard worker and a wonderful human being. I was fortunate enough to have crossed paths with him.” – Caesar Lugo, Superintendent

“Tello is truly one of the great ones. A good, honest, hard-working and well-respected man.  The Hernandez family should be extremely proud of what he meant to those at HBC that had the pleasure to work with him.” – Pete Cali, Project Manager

“…In conversations I have had with him, I know he was very proud of his family, and I for one, was very proud of him. He was a very fine man.” – Paul McGunnigle, CEO

The outpouring of love and sadness at the news of his passing reminds us of the crucial role he played in this world. Tello’s impact will not soon be forgotten.

In Loving Memory of Tello Hernandez