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HBC Donates Time and Resources to Build ANEW Foundation’s New Office


We  are proud to be a part of the team that built our long-time partner ANEW Foundation’s new office space located in the Goodwill location on San Fernando Road in Los Angeles.  ANEW was founded in 2005 by Rose Tourje with the mission to “do what’s right with what’s left.”  The group provides sustainable solutions for the resale, recycling and repurposing of furniture, fixtures and equipment by stewarding them to charities, non-profits, public agencies and underserved communities.  Rather than allowing these items to be dumped into landfills, they become useful to groups that need this type of support most.

Previously, ANEW had occupied a small temporary space that ceased to serve their purposes.  Through contacts at Goodwill Industries, the group found a small space associated with a community collective of service providers housed together at one Goodwill facility, and HBC teamed with architect, Nicky Kaplan, to design and build ANEW’s first real office.  Subcontractors donated materials and services to the project, and the final result is a space that everyone involved is proud to have helped become a reality.

Thank you to the following team members for your time and efforts!

Rose Tourje – ANEW Foundation

Arturo Montanez – Goodwill Industries

Nicky Kaplan – Nicky Kaplan Interiors

Paul McGunnigle – Howard Building Corporation

Mike Thompson – Howard Building Corporation

Steve Amort – Amort Construction, Inc.

Phil Norys – Seeley Brothers

Bob Schindler – Artcrafters Cabinets

Brian Taber – Taber Company

Don Cox – Taber Company

Fayez Zorob – Sharpe Interior Systems

Brian Walsh, Sr. – Premier Acoustics, Inc.

Guy Bonas – Architectural Coatings, Inc.

Kyle Howell – Kimble & Company

Mike Mulree – Control Air Conditioning Corporation

Sean McKenna – O’Bryant Electric, Inc.

Paul McGuire – O’Bryant Electric, Inc.

HBC Donates Time and Resources to Build ANEW Foundation’s New Office