Howard Building Corporation our-work

True Investments, LLC

Newport Beach
30,000 Square Feet

Project Description

A 30,000 square foot tenant improvement project for a private equity firm.  The space encompasses two floors of build-out and includes many high-end finishes and specialized light fixtures throughout.  Stone flooring was installed in the lobby along with marble and back-lit glass wall coverings. The office space features suspended, floating acoustic panels and pendant LED light fixtures, and hallways are lit with repeating, recessed LED strips.  Private offices and conference rooms are built with frameless glass, and open areas feature decoratively patterned millwork wall coverings and stone.  The large break room features millwork that includes three separate laminate faced refrigerators, a pantry, and an island bar area.  A portion of the exterior wall in the break area was demolished to install a sliding glass La Cantina wall, and an exterior balcony was renovated to become a patio.  Two large executive offices were constructed for the firm’s President and CEO, both featuring individual wood and marble reception desks, private restrooms, A/V capabilities, and high-end finishes.  An elevator was added to the interior to connect the two floors, and the existing staircase was demolished and replaced with a redesigned stairwell.

Architect: NOAA Group