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Real Tech

Costa Mesa
Real Tech, Inc.
4,800 Square Feet

Project Description

Real Tech provides real estate solutions for an impressive list of tenant clients throughout Southern California and beyond. When they decided to build their newest Costa Mesa office, they committed to achieving a LEED Platinum space, exemplifying their commitment to the industry and to providing the best possible service to those companies looking to successfully navigate real estate transactions. Howard Building Corporation worked closely with architects at AREA to achieve the LEED Platinum certification, drawing heavily on sustainable construction practices and a comprehensive understanding of LEED requirements.

The 4,800 square foot space utilizes energy efficient lighting, day lighting and occupancy sensor controls, reducing power by 26% from required standards. Indirect and direct lighting utilizing LED fixtures are balanced with focused task lighting. 46% less water than baseline is used by incorporating low flow toilets and aerators on all sinks. An open floor plan with collaborative workstations and conference rooms promotes interaction and uses less space than conventional plans, with workstations and other ancillary furniture being re-used from their previous office to reduce waste. During construction, 77% of demolition and construction debris was diverted from landfills and incineration facilities, and a rigid Indoor Air Quality plan was utilized pre- and post-construction to reduce contaminants and improve overall indoor air quality.

Besides the features that accomplish LEED points, the space touts a unique ceiling design with floating architectural hard lid planes and oval shapes dropped down below the exposed ceiling above. Many of these features are dramatically up-lit from below, and some glow from above with coved invisible light sources. Exposed ducts are finished in a clean white, creating a pristine network of ceiling features above. The 4,800 square foot space is a great example of ingenuity and a commitment to the highest standards shaping the office environment.