Quest Diagnostics Specimen Management & Storage

Santa Clarita
Quest Diagnostics
Project Team
Krausz Companies, Inc.
Project Description
The state of the art SMAS facility houses millions of Clinical test samples in over 300 subzero freezers. Through the 2 phase construction process, a flex office/warehouse facility in Santa Clarita was outfitted with 250 tons of new air-conditioning units and 4,000 amps of power to support the management and storage operation. The facility upgrades required upsized services from all major utilities (Edison, DWP, Gas). In addition, the roof was fully upgraded to carry the weight of the new 250 ton units. Interior and exterior ADA upgrades were completed, including the complete renovation of all entrances, ramping, parking, and the installation of a new one-stop elevator to access the second floor offices. A 1750kW generator was installed on the site to satisfy emergency power requirements, specifically to maintain the freezers within the required temperature range, and provide power to a new 1,500 square foot laboratory. Additionally, 23,000 square feet of general office space was refurbished, including a complete renovation of 4 restrooms.
We could not have achieved the success we did without help from all the members of the various project teams. HBC and their employees ... significantly contributed to this success, and I am very thankful for all their support and efforts! I also recognize that the focus and drive for succeeding on these projects is due to all of your efforts. Know that all the hard work is appreciated! Again, I want to thank you all for a successful set of projects, and I look forward to the time we all can work together again as a team.