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Quest Diagnostics Lab Operations & New Emergency Generator

West Hills
Quest Diagnostics
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Project Description

To ensure continuity of operations at Quest's largest facility on the West Coast, the entire facility was placed on a backup generator. The 2.5mW, 4160V machine provides critical power to the entire building within seconds of any event which causes a loss of power. In addition to the high voltage work, the generator's location on the campus and proximity to residential zoning nearby necessitated the construction of both acoustic and aesthetic enclosures. To comply with City and Landlord requirements, the enclosures were designed to limit noise pollution to 65dB and the aesthetics of the enclosure replicated the plastered facades of the other buildings on campus. Excavation for the project required 200 feet of trenching for conduit runs and full excavation and grading of a hillside in which the enclosure is partially concealed.