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Construction Manager
Cushman & Wakefield
20,000 Square Feet
HLW International

Project Description

This 20,000 square foot project reflects the energetic nature of the online community that Neopets serves, one dedicated to virtual pets and the world in which they live. Architects at HLW International and the Howard Building Corporation team built the entire space in 10 weeks, including a mural completed by Neopets employees.

The curved, wrapping wood structure that encapsulates the reception area immediately defines the space. This same wood is also used in the conference room, where the wrapping concept is reflected in the wood coved ceiling that wraps down the main wall and visually continues along the conference table. Hard lid soffits on either side of the coves further emphasize the band of wood running through the space. Open plenum ceilings provide a voluminous space in the work areas, contrasting with spaces such as the kitchen that are visually defined by a drop hard lid ceiling and walls. Colorful workstations that also utilize wood detailing compliment the mural running across one wall of the space.