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Irvine Company
8,600 Square Feet

Project Description

Glumac, one of the country's leading sustainable engineering firms, had a clear vision when they decided to open an 8,600 square foot office in the Irvine Towers complex in Irvine, California. Glumac leadership wanted a spectacular space reflective of their core values as a forward-thinking MEP engineering firm that is truly a leader in sustainable design. MEP systems are usually hidden in offices, but in this space, those systems are showcased and celebrated.

Designers at Gensler involved Howard Building Corporation's team for their expertise in sustainable construction, and many of the features push the limits on just how sustainable a space can be. Glumac's facility incorporates a cutting-edge HVAC system, equipped with temperature sensors that use the same self-powered, wireless technology to control the lighting in the space. Because the lighting and temperature control systems speak a different language, a gateway allows them to share a single sensor network. The integrated direct digital control system also serves as a demonstration for clients and industry partners interested in control retrofits.

Twenty-one foot exposed ceilings and exposed concrete floors engender a creative office environment in a high-rise office building. A large conference room directly adjacent to an open team training area utilizes 24 foot wide glass garage doors. Lighting in the space is a single-component task/ambient solution that is integrated into the furniture and eliminates the need for overhead wiring and luminaires. Other notable features include low flow plumbing fixtures and millwork made from bamboo plywood and rapidly renewable wheatboard. Glumac also purchased energy certificates that offset 100% of the energy used in the space with renewable energy.

Glumac's Irvine Tower office received LEED Platinum certification, the highest possible under the U.S Green Building Council's (USGBC) program.