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Global Professional Services Firm

Los Angeles
Global Professional Services Firm
Construction Manager
123,000 Square Feet

Project Description

This world class professional services firm relocated its office to a premier building in downtown Los Angeles and engaged AECOM and Howard Building Corporation to complete the design and construction of their new space.  The design incorporated carefully selected colors and materials to reflect the firm’s recent change in branding, and unique design features throughout the 135,000 square foot office add to the appeal that helps attract and retain talent within the firm.

The new branded colors present themselves as soon as one leaves the elevator.  Pristinely finished white walls and grey stone floors are punctuated by the orange and red stripes that will become the primary colors throughout the rest of the space.  Backed by lacquer paneling, the essential design elements of the space are quickly established.  As one approaches the lobby, this palette expands into curved glass walls and marble and stone detailing, and the space seems to be awash in light with both hidden and backlit sources providing a glow at the Feature Wall and at the Reception Desk.  A glass fronted Board Room provides a view to the cityscape beyond.

Many of these design elements carry throughout the rest of the space as well, especially in common and meeting areas, where employees are encouraged to gather.  In each of these spaces, the clean white and grey color palette is enlivened by the oranges, yellows, and reds of the brand.  Even more engaging is the use of Feature Walls throughout the space with unique shapes and colors that catch the eye, as well as glass and lustrous materials that allow light to play off interior areas away from the perimeter windows.  Glass fronted private offices and open work areas further the transparency of the space and encourage personal interaction.

Many of the design features required a skilled approach in construction due to the combination of hard lid ceilings, hidden light sources, and walls with back lit or cove lit detailing.  Custom designed millwork included metal finned Feature Walls, interactive areas with built-in-bar height seating areas, and sculptural components comprised of translucent acrylics.  Glass doors received graphic film, and retractable walls were used to easily and quickly change certain spaces.  Audio visual capabilities and video conferencing were essential components in the project, especially in the many conference and team meeting areas. 



I want to express my sincere gratitude for all of your amazing efforts! We all had doubts from time to time if we were to be able to pull this off, but we did in grand fashion. There were many challenges on many levels on this project; any one of them could have been an obstacle to us meeting Day 1, but you all exhibited remarkable character, teamwork and perseverance to meet our Day 1 objectives and provide a great experience for the staff in LA. It has been an honor to work with you all.