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Playa Vista
44,000 Sq.ft.
RAPT Studio

Project Description

Fullscreen is a global youth media company that develops online creators and produces multi-platform entertainment experiences for individuals and high profile brands. 600 million subscribers generate more than 5 billion video views across Fullscreen’s global network each month, and their collective content has become the largest independent network on YouTube.  Headquartered in Los Angeles, Fullscreen is one of the primary tenants on the creative office campus at i│o in Playa Vista.  In collaboration with Rapt Studio, HBC has completed the first phase of construction of the client’s headquarters, which consists of 44,000 square feet of first floor creative space.

The first floor design emphasizes the company’s culture and work style and was built for employees as a reprieve from the office environment.  The space is divided into distinct areas that each have an individual theme and style and flow seamlessly around one large hub.  The open feel to this environment encourages visitors to “tour” the space, which was designed and built so people could “journey” through the unique areas.   The overall space features an open ceiling design, combinations of both cool and vibrant paint colors, polished concrete floors, and color coordinated carpet to match painted wall and millwork sections.  Floating soffits were installed throughout to create visual definitions of space within the open ceiling design.  Both hanging and recessed custom light fixtures create focal points as well.

The reception area features a row of full height glass windows and a wide mechanical partition that creates an indoor/outdoor environment.  The floor transitions from wood to polished concrete through the reception area, which offers a variety of seating, from casual to more formal.  Journeying to the creative workspace, a conference room of full height, translucent glass occupies one corner adjacent to a completely blue space with corresponding blue carpet, bleacher seating and ceiling soffit.  The bleacher seating faces a swiveling screen composed of 9 individual LED monitors.  This device is installed with a door-like hinge and can be used to partition off part of the break room to create privacy.  The break room, just past the “blue room,” features a polished concrete floor and wood paneling with vibrant yellow millwork, large white tile backsplash and signature pendant light fixtures.  The open plan office space beyond the break room features a continuation of open ceiling, floating soffits, polished concrete floor, multiple smaller conference rooms with full height glass, and a variety of lighting fixtures and seating.

Soon after the completion of the first phase, HBC embarked on a second phase of work which will include the bulk of the client’s work space.  Many design features from the more relaxed areas in the first phase will be continued in phase two.



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For this global youth media company, home is where the content is, and Fullscreen is how you find it. The young startup, which features videos made by content creators from around the world, wanted their space to reflect the community they’ve created and inspire everyone inside. The space does even more than that. To know more about Fullscreen Offices

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