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Catalysis Learning Alliance

Catalysis Learning Alliance
Construction Manager
Irvine Company
50,000 Square Feet

Project Description

Catalysis Learning Alliance provides higher education with an emphasis on healthcare through three separate programs: West Coast University, American Career Colleges, and Contemporary Forums. In 2011 they located their corporate headquarters in Irvine, California in a 52,000 square foot, two story Irvine Company building. Howard Building Corporation began the build-out of their space with a complete demolition of the interiors. The client and designers with the firm SAA envisioned a space that would represent the organization's cutting edge approach to educating healthcare professionals, and this required a clean slate.

When constuction started, base building modifications to existing elevators and restrooms, as well as mechanical and electrical systems, kicked off the project. A new exterior entance was built that allowed employees direct access to a new patio outside the café. Stairs that led from the first floor to the second were modified and became a visual element for the lobby area.

Extensive glazing that was incorporated in the furniture was used throughout the space as a canvas for Catalysis branding. Wood wallcovering and floorig materials were used for wayfinding and in high profile areas. Extensive millwork included custom designed wall motifs and a series of wood slat design elements, as well as a five foot diameter, translucent 3-Form clock suspended from the expansive ceiling above the two story lobby space.

Advanced audio visual equipment was installed throughout the offices and conference rooms to fully connect each location in a fully integrated system. Systems in conference rooms were also utilized to control environmental factors such as lighting, mecco shades, and the plasma screen monitors in each room. Throughout the building, lighting was designed according to Tier 1 standards, which equates to 20% more efficiency than required by California's Title 21 energy code.