Manwin - Playboy Plus

Playboy Enterprises, Inc.
Project Team
HOK, Tiarna Real Estate Services, Inc.
70,000 Square Feet
Project Description

Shortly after Playboy Enterprises, Inc. joined with Manwin, Playboy's American headquarters moved from Chicago to Los Angeles and a new 70,000 square foot office space. Designed by HOK, the space encompasses both the company's corporate offices and studios. Immediately upon stepping out of the elevator into the lobby, the company's instantly recognizable logo greets visitors in the pattern of the custom designed lobby carpet, and a larger glowing version declares one's arrival to the fabled company at the reception desk located at the end of the lobby corridor.

A red lacquered portal frames the stone, stainless steel and backlit reception desk, which sits in front of the large glass wall of the main conference room. A gradient film applied to the glass offers privacy, a design feature used at all conference rooms in the office. Clean hard lid ceilings house recessed light fixtures, and feature walls incorporate dimensional wall coverings that create a textural backdrop for seating areas.

 A new interconnecting stair leads to the bottom floor from reception, and the famous logo is again echoed on the wall above in the form of a large laser cut and backlit sign hung in relief. Two studios provide live television and radio broadcast capabilities, and extensive open office space with an abundance of natural light houses the company's staff. Modular furniture allows for pops of vibrant colors in the space, with red being the predominant choice in most of the private offices and conference rooms.