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Sharon Christensen

Director of Administration
Years of Experience: 28

Aside from being able to support a diverse group of people, Sharon has the keen ability to inspire. She motivates the Los Angeles office to continue to grow in their roles, stand up for what they believe in, and give back to the community. Sharon has demonstrated that it is possible to make a difference through adaptability, trustworthiness, and empathy and, in addition to developing training programs, she hopes to play a role in developing the next generation of administrative leaders. She is deeply passionate about bringing diversity into the construction industry, and she works tirelessly alongside the HR department to make HBC a great place to work for everyone.

What sets HBC apart as not only a general contractor, but as a company as well, is the genuine strive for excellence embraced by leadership. There are no shortcuts, no cutting corners, no second-rate. We take on the challenges of a changing industry and world and put the best work in place that we possibly can.  We are always improving, whether it’s as an individual, team, or company. We work together to adapt and grow.