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Kyle Smith

Assistant Project Manager
Years of Experience: 10

Kyle’s strong communication skills and ability to work closely with the team allow him to successfully assist with projects from start to finish. Kyle has significant experience with RFIs/submittals, billings, and contracts, and he has been involved in all phases of tenant improvement constructions. 

I was first excited to join HBC to dive deeper into the construction field and become more involved in the intimate details of daily construction activities. That was quickly [amplified] by the amazing team that I was surrounded by in all aspects of the company, from top to bottom.  Everyone loves their job and the amount of skill and intelligence is inspiring. The balance of office and field experience energizes me every day and gives me something to look forward to constantly.  All of these things, combined with the incredible projects and fascinating clients that I interact with, give me something to be proud of at the end of every day. I look forward to many more years with HBC and many more amazing projects, clients, and colleagues.