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Jordan Sherman

Director, Client Relations
Years of Experience: 10

Jordan plays a pivotal role in nurturing existing client relationships while forging new ones as she explores untapped markets and potential partnerships to expand our client base. Her passion for building and maintaining strong client partnerships aligns perfectly with HBC’s commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients. She has an impressive background as a Senior Designer with over 10 years of experience in commercial interiors working at some of the leading architecture firms in the industry. She received her BFA in Interior Design at the New York Institute of Technology. 

HBC really stands out in the contracting world – They’re the kind of crew you’d want at your family barbecue! Speaking from my design background and firsthand experience with them, I can vouch for the top-notch quality of their work. They’re not just builders; they’re super dedicated team players, detail-oriented, and they genuinely take pride in their work. What really makes them shine is their proactive attitude; they tackle challenges head on with creative solutions, making sure the projects run smoothly and successfully.