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Frank Treptow

Vice President, Field Operations
Years of Experience: 44

Frank’s strength in planning allows him to successfully oversee all field operations while keeping project success and worker safety the top priority.  He enjoys supporting his teams by sharing what he’s learned through experience, and he consistently maintains an objective management style.  As Vice President of Field Operations, he intends to continue the legacy that HBC was founded on by making every transaction fair and maintaining our reputation as the best tenant improvement contractor in Southern California.

HBC sets the bar as to what goals can be achieved and the methods implemented to achieve those goals. We hire talented individuals who enjoy building, and then nurture them through training and continuous sharing of experiences through a network of over 60 superintendents. Our superintendents are assigned full-time to their projects because proper supervision cannot be done remotely. Construction moves far too rapidly now to allow a superintendent to “make his rounds” through the city.

I also strongly believe that a successful project is measured not only by meeting the turn-over date, but by the process with which that date is achieved. Both our office and field strive to be proactive, organized, professional, and supportive of all our team members—clients, architects, building officials, and subcontractors alike. Measure us not just by the completion, but by the process. You’ll see that HBC stands above the rest.