Meggitt Sensing Systems

Meggitt Sensing Systems
Project Team
DPPM, LLC/ Irvine Company
Project Description

Meggitt Sensing Systems is a global company specializing in sensing and monitoring systems that measure physical parameters in the extreme environments of aircraft, space vehicles, power generators, nuclear, oil and gas installations and test laboratories. As part of a consolidation movement within the larger corporate structure, three North American locations were merged into one facility in Orange County. Howard Building Corporation built the 180,000 square foot facility designed by architects at SAA.

The facility includes offices, conference rooms, and a full kitchen and cafeteria, as well as a completely renovated two-story lobby and reception area. A substantial warehouse space is dedicated to equipment testing and repair, requiring acid waste-water systems, DI water and compressed air drops, as well as LN2, N2, LCO2, Hydrogen and propane gas systems. In order to maintain customer inventory and delivery commitments, the consolidation was planned with intricate schedules designed to successfully relocate equipment and personnel for different divisions on a weekly basis with no margin for error, guaranteeing the least amount of production disruption.