Genevieve West

Project Manager
Years of Experience: 15

Genevieve West has extensive experience in the Southern California healthcare real estate market.  She provides strong direction and active engagement to streamline the completion of her clients’ capital projects and ensure the success of short-term and long-term building strategies.  Having completed projects for a broad array of healthcare facilities, from private physician offices to complex hospital campus developments, she provides invaluable knowledge that expands and strengthens HBC’s healthcare sector services.

“I have found that a truly successful project starts with not only understanding 'what' I am building, but in understanding the 'why' as well.  With my project management focus on healthcare services, being part of a team focused on creating an environment of care that is conducive to the healing and wellness process is incredibly inspiring to me.  The passion my clients have for delivering quality healthcare directly translates over to the project team and motivates us to build the highest quality facility for physicians, patients and their families.”