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Richard Stone

Project Manager
Years of Experience: 21

Richard has a long track record of delivering exemplary results while keeping things on track and within budget.  He first started his career in residential projects, which eventually led to over a decade of experience in commercial ground-ups and high-end tenant improvements.  A strong-will and solid communication allows Richard to face all challenging projects head-on while identifying potential road blocks early in the process.  One of his most memorable projects was building a 50-story high-rise from the ground up because he was involved all the way through FLS inspections and occupancy.  He strives to continue growing his reputation as a dependable and successful project manager within the Southern California area, while strengthening relationships with clients and industry partners alike.

The opportunity to work with the best clients and design teams on high profile projects excites me and drives me to be better.  Working together are moments of our lives which I aim to make a joyful and great experience. We all know construction is a tough industry, and each project is always unique in its challenges. Looking back, I hope to leave a lasting impression as a dedicated team member who provided not only good service but created a fun environment throughout the process.