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Kaz Mulcahy

Senior Project Manager, LEED GA
Years of Experience: 25

Kaz has a proven track record for a wide variety of tenant improvement projects. His strengths lie in his proactive approach to anticipating and solving problems, effectively communicating with the project team and the client, and ensuring a positive experience for the client during the project. His strong relationships with both designers and subcontractors create a collaborative approach that ensures a smooth and successful construction process.

No one project is the same, and they all come with their own set of obstacles. I enjoy how we approach those obstacles and how, as a team, we overcome them to find resolution. Often, someone will have an idea that no one else has considered, and it is exactly the solution we are looking for. That is what makes the team effort so valuable. After overcoming all the obstacles, I enjoy walking through a completed space with our client at the end of a project. It’s great to see something that started out as a set of plans on my desk that is now a new and exciting space ready to be occupied.