Mike Thompson

Project Manager
Years of Experience: 23

Mike Thompson has worked in nearly every possible role in the industry from the field to the office, and on projects ranging from ground-up manufacturing to high-tech campuses, studios, and restaurants.  Mike has gained extensive experience over his 20-year career, from digging footings and wiring fixtures to managing submittals, manpower, and multi-million-dollar budgets.  As a result, he has a top-to-bottom understanding of what every project and every individual requires to be successful.  Mike's greatest strength is his ability to utilize this uniquely well-rounded perspective to manage both the smallest details and the overall direction of each and every project.  

"What I want out of every project is for everyone to “go home happy”. My commitment to satisfaction and equity from every perspective on the project – from the subcontractors to the client – ensures this happiness in two principle ways: The first is that subcontractors want to be on projects where their work is appreciated so they can’t wait to get there, and strive to do their best when they arrive. Secondly, that striving from every team member creates inevitable attention to the best possible result.

I have worked here, for the best in the business, for 11 years because I also want the best out of myself, and being surrounded by the best, maintaining the highest of standards, and being able to work with and develop my own strengths makes it possible. That pride of having done your best is contagious at every level, and it’s what drives the momentum of every great project we build."